Allergies and Other Skin Conditions in Dogs

Skin conditions such as skin allergies, itchy skin, hot spots and yeast infections in dogs are one of the main reasons people visit their vet, and they are becoming more and more common in our dogs today.

Much of this can be traced back to poor or inappropriate nutrition, increased toxic load from conventional vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, chemical worming products and other environmental toxins, and the use of medications such as antibiotics and steroids.

While medications can offer short-term symptomatic relief from your dog’s skin conditions, the reality is that in the long term, most skin conditions worsen and will require more frequent and higher doses of these medications. This is because these medications tend to suppress the disease or illness and instead ‘push’ these symptoms back into the body.  This is why you will often find that once your dog has finished a course of medications, it isn’t long before symptoms return, and often they return with a vengeance!! And of course, these medications have their own set of side effects and problems.

At Canine Vitality, we take a holistic approach to your dog’s health. While we do not diagnose an illness or disease, we do look to identify the underlying cause of your dog’s skin conditions, and then prescribe appropriate canine nutrition, along with high-quality herbal medicines and animal supplements and remedies to help resolve these underlying issues, encourage gentle detoxification and assist in bringing your dog’s body back into balance and health.

Chronic dog skin conditions can sometimes take a while to resolve, especially if there has been long-term use of the aforementioned medications. It is important to understand that while it is possible to overcome these problems, patience and persistence are sometimes needed to help your dog back to balance and health. This is why having a proper treatment plan is important, so that progress can be monitored and continually assessed as required for each dog.

By taking this approach however, it is possible to resolve these skin conditions in dogs and move them towards a greater level of health and vitality.


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