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Hi there, Lyndall Pinchen, Canine Naturopath from Canine Vitality back again to share with you today’s blog post on Wonderful Wormers!! I apologise for my absence!!

Now I know that there are many of you out there are questioning the use of the many  chemical products available to our dogs for the purposes of worming ( as well as flea and tick control). But on the other hand, many of you are also nervous about relying on something ‘natural’ that you are not familiar with. How much does it cost?? Is it safe...and more important will it do the job?? These are all common and normal concerns I get daily from both new clients and general enquiries. Luckily there’s no need to fear worms because there are wonderful herbs that we can use to help keep worm populations in check and today I wanted to talk to you about 3 of my favourites and how they can be used for your dog as alternatives.


Firstly though, let’s look briefly at conventional worming products. There are four main worms that affect our dogs- whip, tape, round and hookworms. Most of us have probably used a 3 monthly or similar worming product from our vet or local pet store. This might be something like Interceptor, Drontal, Sentinel and so on. Generally these work by killing the worms and their eggs within the intestinal tract. But these products are not without their side effects and  contain very toxic chemicals that over time can build up toxicity in your dog’s body and lead to lowered vitality and health. They are harsh on the liver and kidneys  and can also cause damage to the intestinal lining. 

So let’s take a look at some herbal alternatives and why I believe these are a far better option for our dogs. And you’ll also notice today I am not talking about Black walnut or Wormwood. I know that these are two very popular herbs for worming but today I wanted to talk about some that may not be as well known as antiparasitic herbs.

Cloves: you know as a child, my mother used to love to put cloves in her cooking- it went into cakes, biscuits, soups, you name it. The problem was my father hated Cloves so there was always some contention around this spice at home! Cloves (which are actually flower buds) contain two very powerful agents known as eugenol and caryophyllene, which both have powerful antimicrobial actions These compounds travel through the bloodstream, killing microscopic parasites and parasitic larvae and eggs. This herb works really well in combination with black walnut and wormwood (as I briefly mentioned above). But cloves also have the ability to calm the gut and expel gas- two actions that are perfect in the worming process! I usually prescribe this as a liquid tincture but it also useful for dogs in a powdered form added to food.

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The second herb I love is Thyme. Now, most of us have probably used thyme at some point in our cooking. I always love to use it in my veggie soups! But more than just being a culinary herb, Thyme (which is a member of the Mint family) has some amazingly powerful naturally occurring compounds that are effective against intestinal worms. For example, the leaves of the thyme plant contain an oil rich in thymol. This compound has a powerful action against parasites and other microbes and effectively can kill intestinal worms and other parasites in the gut. It is an effective antiseptic and is also a rich antioxidant. Even just adding some fresh chopped thyme into your dog’s food can be beneficial for parasites but using it in a concentrated tincture or powder is best for specific worming purposes.

 And my third herb for today is known as Elecampane- this herb which is native to England contains a compound known as alantolactone (present in the root)  which is strongly anthelmintic which means a  herb that can help expel parasitic worms from the body). Alantolactone has an anti-inflammatory action, it also reduces mucous secretions and stimulates the immune system. I  addition this herb is rich in Inulin  which is a prebiotic that helps feed beneficial bacteria in the gut and also helps a sluggish digestive system. Once again, both properties that can be beneficial in the worming process. Once again I find using this herb in tincture form works best as it is rapidly absorbed into our dog’s body’s.

And I guess that’s also the beauty of herbs- they not only have specific actions against parasites like worms but other additional actions that make their action more holistic and beneficial to building the health of our pets. And when used in correct doses, they do not cause side effects or damage to the body. ON the contrary, they work to build health and due to their many naturally occurring compounds, do not lead to parasite  (as is the case for many of the chemical products).

It is important to note that parasites, as a group, always tend to attack and populate the weakest and sickest animals, and are found in much smaller numbers in strong healthy animals. So the number one goal in managing all parasites is to keep your dog in the very best health, with a strong immune system to fight off parasites. It is also good to remember that dogs do have natural defenses against parasites, and that it is OK to have a small number of them – recent studies actually demonstrated that having a small parasite burden actually reduced the symptoms of allergies .

So as you can see, there really are great natural and EFFECTIVE alternatives to the chemical products on the market. And while I know it can be a little scary to make changes, the long term benefits to your dog’s health is so worth it!!! All of these herbs feature in my herbal intestinal worming product which is suitable for both dogs and cats! so if you would like more information on this products or are interested in ordering some to try, please feel free to email me at [email protected].


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