What Do You Mean My Dog’s Gut Is Leaking??? PART ONE


Are you frustrated with your dog’s health issue-maybe they have a yeast infection, skin allergy, bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea, joint problem, ongoing ear infection, or something else that just won’t go away no matter what conventional treatment you have tried?? This is usually the case with the great majority of clients I see....they are often at their wits end, going back and forth to their vet for more medication to treat something that just won’t resolve. And in many cases, those medications have just stopped working!

Today, in the first of this two part series, I want to share with you three words that are at the root cause of many of these stubborn and chronic issues: LEAKY GUT SYNDROME (or leaky gut for short!!). Now while some of you are familiar with this term, I know there are still many of you dog lovers that are not.  So in this post I’ll be sharing with you what leaky gut is including leaky gut syndrome symptoms and how this is affecting your dog’s health NOW in seemingly unrelated ways.

Remember to tune in for next week’s post where I’ll be sharing with you PART TWO which is all about healing your dog’s gut naturally and getting their health back on track from the inside out!

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So what on earth is leaky gut syndrome??!!

Also called hyperpermeable bowel ,  leaky gut syndrome is a condition that has a strong connection to the health of the immune system and the development of chronic disease.  Sadly this is becoming more common in our dogs today. When our dogs eat, we want their  digestive system to absorb all the good stuff while keeping out the potentially toxic materials. Leaky gut happens when your dog’s gut mucosal  intestinal lining becomes damaged.

Now, normally, the gut lining allows broken down nutrients from the intestines to pass through into the bloodstream while keeping toxins, undigested food and other undesirables inside the gut and away from the bloodstream. But in the case of leaky gut syndrome, this lining becomes very permeable and this allows some of the bad stuff including undigested food particles to get through. The easiest way to think of this is a sieve. This sets off a chain of events in the body, which begins with the liver working over-time to screen out the particles. As it has no chance of keeping up with the onslaught, pathogens like bacteria and yeasts build up and can lead to infection

The effect this has on the immune system is important to understand... your dog’s immune system sees these food and other particles as foreign invaders and therefore starts to attack them. This is why we are now seeing so many dogs that are reacting to foods including meats and vegetables – the body is actually seeing this food as the enemy!

In addition, inflammation becomes a huge problem.

What causes leaky gut?

There are a number of causative factors when it comes to the development of your dog’s leaky gut . I break theses into five main causes:

  • Medications such as antibiotics and steroids- of course we all know the damaging impact of antibiotics in particular and in last week’s blog, I talked l little about how they can damage the gut and lead to leaky gut syndrome
  • Commercial foods based around grains and legumes are also highly problematic for our dog’s guts....and this also include supposed ‘grain free’ versions which still contain starches. Grains and legumes contain lectins which can either  damage and kill the cells that line our dog’s intestines, or directly cause spaces to open up between our gut cells which then leads to the leaky gut.   Dairy products appear  to have a similar effect.Stress- did you know that the bacteria in your dog’s gut can detect when they are stressed?? Pretty amazing huh! When your dog is stressed or anxious they release hormones including CORTISOL. This can be detected by the gut bacteria which can cause this normally harmless bacteria to multiply and mutate, leading to infection which throws the gut out of balance. Keep in mind that stress also shuts down the digestive and immune systems.
  • Vaccinations-these contain heavy metals and other chemicals that lead to intestinal irritation and inflammation
Similarly, chemical overload from parasite products, household cleaners, exhaust fumes, tap water etc can cause irritation and inflammation to the intestinal lining

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What are the symptoms and how is this affecting our dog’s overall health?

Typically, leaky gut syndrome symptoms can include bloating, diarrhoea and flatulence but as you are probably starting to see, the impact is way more far reaching than this. Leaky gut can be at the root cause of so many health issues including:

Inflammation occurring in any part of the body

Recurring infections like yeast infection

Allergies and other skin conditions

Pancreatitis/malabsorption and weight loss

Respiratory issues such as bronchitis and asthma

Neurological and behavioural issues including seizures

Gum disease and other dental issues

Autoimmune diseases

Joint disease such as arthritis

Bladder infections......the list goes on!

Maybe you have a dog right now that is suffering from one of these issues??

**Until we work to heal our dog’s leaky gut issue, many chronic health problems including those I have mentioned will continue and worsen over time. So that yeast infection, skin allergy, bout of vomiting and diarrhoea, joint problem or ongoing ear infection that we mentioned in the beginning most likely has its origins in your dog’s gut health!

Now don’t forget to tune in for  next week’s post where I will be talking about how we can help our dog’s heal from leaky gut syndrome and resolve those chronic health problems. 

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