Autoimmune Disease In Dogs- What's Really Going On! (Part Three)


Today I am back with third and final part in my 3 part blog series on "Autoimmune disease in your dogs- what’s really going on!" I must apologise for my absence but I have without internet for a few weeks and am still having a few issues but at least am back online! Anyway, back to this week’s post. So in our last two posts you might remember in part one we looked at what autoimmune diseases were and what I believe to be the 5 top causes. Then in part two, we took a look at the 5 steps to managing or resolving autoimmune conditions. Today, I wanted to take a look at 5 specific supplements that can really be helpful for any autoimmune disease. Please note though that this information is general in nature and it’s important to always seek advice from your holistic practitioner before commencing any protocol for autoimmune conditions. So let's jump in and take a look at how these 5 supplements can really be of benefit for any dog with an autoimmune diagnosis.

1. Vitamin D3: this vitamin or hormone (which it actually is) has been shown to have positive benefits to the outcome of a wide range of AI diseases and indeed, studies are showing that vitamin D deficiency is linked to the development of rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, thyroiditis and other AI conditions. Dogs are not able to absorb much vitamin D from sunlight in the way that we do so they are dependent on getting it predominantly from their diet: According to research, up to 75% of dogs are showing as being deficient in this important vitamin. Ironically too, did you know that those steroids your dog has been prescribed for their autoimmune disease can actually further deplete vitamin D levels along with other important nutrients.

How does vitamin D help? while this vitamin plays many roles in your dog’s body, it has a significant impact on the health of the gut and we have already seen from my previous blogs how the health of the gut can be a trigger for autoimmune disease patterns. When it comes to vitamin D, it’s always best to work with the diet to improve levels as supplementing without supervision is not recommended. There are 2 types of Vitamin D- D2 which comes mainly from plant sources while D3, the more biologically active and preferred type comes from animal sources like animal fats and organ meats. So focusing on a raw organic diet that is based around organic meats, bones and organ meats will see your dog getting good levels of this important vitamin. There may be a need to supplement in some cases but as I said, please do not supplement this vitamin without professional advice.


2.Selenium: this essential trace element is important for a strong and balanced immune system and is  very beneficial in reducing inflammation in the gut. A deficiency in this nutrient has actually been shown to alter the balance of the gut. In addition, selenium plays a critical role in the production of antioxidants in your dogs body including glutathione and other major antioxidants. Great food sources include sardines, organic beef, chicken and turkey, organic beef liver and eggs. For some dogs, supplementation will be required and once again, always be guided through your practitioner in terms of dosage as high levels of selenium can cause toxicity.


3.Alpha lipoic acid: this powerful antioxidant is known as a 'universal antioxidant' due to its ability to neutralise a wide range of free radicals in your dogs body. Free radicals are those very unstable molecules that are being constantly produced in your dog's body and can cause damage to the cells within the body. Free radicals are linked to the development of all chronic and degenerative disease including AI conditions. Alpha lipoic acid can also helps modulate the immune response back to a more balanced state and has strong anti-inflammatory effect. While organic meats and liver in particular are good sources of this antioxidant, in most cases supplementation is required to get the full benefit. And remember that antioxidants in general are highly beneficial in the treatment of AI diseases.


4.Probiotics: a discussion on autoimmune disease would not be complete without some reference to the amazing benefits of probiotics- those good bacteria that help keep your dogs gut and immune system healthy and balanced. As part of a healing gut regime, probiotics form an essential part of healing. I always use probiotics and fermented foods as part of any healing leaky gut regime. Many of you will know that around 80% of your dog’s immune system is within their gut so it makes sense that any disease that comes from an immune imbalance may have a starting point within the gut. When I am treating any leaky gut issue I always start by using nutrients to heal the tissues and reduce the inflammation and then once this is well on its way, probiotics can slowly be introduced.



5. Omega oils and other good fats: having an anti-inflammatory action, omega 3 oils play an important role in the treatment of autoimmune disease as inflammation is a key factor in these conditions. Omega 3 fatty acids (particularly those from fish oi)l also have a powerful immune modulating effect meaning that they can help rebalance an out of balance immune system. IN addition, other good fats like organic cold pressed coconut oil can also be highly beneficial. This amazing oil is very anti-inflammatory and also antimicrobial so it’s a great oil to help rid your dogs body of those underlying infections that may be contributing to the autoimmune disease.

So there we have 5 amazing supplements that can be a real help to dogs with any autoimmune disease. But as I said in the beginning, this information is general in nature and if you require specific assistance, feel free to contact my via my email [email protected] and I can work out a specific plan for your dog.

Well I hoped you have enjoyed this 3 part blog series on autoimmune disease in your dog- what’s really going on!. Please remember to like, comment and share this post and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel where you’ll receive the latest happy healthy dog tips straight to your inbox. Thankyou for tuning in and I look forward to talking to you in my next post. Bye for now!