Are Vaccinations Triggering Skin Allergies In Your Dog?"


Hi there, Lyndall Pinchen, Canine Naturopath from Canine vitality back today to talk about SKIN ALLERGIES. In today’s post, I want to look at “Are vaccinations triggering skin allergies in your dog?”. Now I know just the mention of the word ‘vaccination’ will spark off a heated debate amongst many dog owners out there, but nevertheless, I wanted to share this information with today as allergies in our dogs are becoming more and more common and they are a real problem. So in today’s post I want to look at whether vaccinations are triggering off skin allergies in our dogs and if that’s the case, what can be done about it.

So firstly today I want to ask you- how many of you out there currently have a dog that is suffering from some sort of skin allergy (or atopic dermatitis as it is also referred to) condition? Or maybe, you have had this experience with a previous pet or even know of someone who has?? Based on the enquiries I receive through my clinic, I am guessing that there are many of you who are familiar with this distressing condition- watching your dog continually scratch, lick and chew themselves is distressing enough in itself. On top of this, your dog is most likely suffering from red inflamed skin that is both itchy and sore. Hair loss, ear infections, dry and greasy skin (or both) and those nasty hotspots are also common allergy presentations. So all in all, skin allergies make us all pretty miserable and on top of this, they are notoriously difficult to treat!

Now from a naturopathic perspective, there of course are a number of factors that may be leading to the development of that allergy but today I wanted to focus on just one. And yes, like I said before it’s a big one! Vaccinations! So what is it about vaccinations that is such a problem?? Well, let’s take a look!

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Most of us will know that allergies can have a genetic tendency- that means that if mum or dad or maybe the grandparents o the particular dog in question suffered from allergies, then this can potentially be passed down the line. And while the genetic tendency exists, it is still very much your dog’s environment that will determine whether that actually becomes a problem for your dog during their lifetime. I like to explain genetic tendencies like a light switch. That light switch will stay off unless you turn it on- now in terms of our dogs, turning the light switch on potentially means feeding them processed foods, putting chemicals in and on their body’s, exposing them to stress etc. All these things will tend to bring on the allergy (or other genetic pattern). Unfortunately once the light switch goes on in terms of allergies it can be very difficult to turn it off!

For those of you who have dogs suffering right now from skin allergies, have you ever noticed that your dog has had a flare up of their skin problem after their annual vaccination shot?

Back in the 1990s, a survey was carried out by online dog health advocates, Canine Health Concern to see if there was any correlation between a recent vaccination and the onset of illness or health issue. This survey involved around 4,000 dogs, and the results were concerning. It was found that amongst other things, over 46% of dogs with skin problems first started to have the problem within three months of a vaccination. This was further supported by two scientists named Frick and Brooks (1) who showed that dogs who are genetically predisposed to develop atopic dermatitis didn’t develop this inheritable condition if exposed to an allergen before they were vaccinated.  But they did develop atopic dermatitis if they were exposed to an allergen after being vaccinated


Why would this happen? Well firstly it’s important to remember that your dog’s immune system should be able to do its job of protecting the body against disease without becoming over-reactive. This is why balance is so important. If you dogs immune system is underactive, it leaves them open to disease. However, if it is overactive, this can lead to the development of allergies and other autoimmune diseases. Did you know that vaccinations, especially when Repeated vaccinations can excite the immune system to such a degree that it becomes hypersensitive. This in turn can prompt it to overreact to things within the environment that the immune system normally would not react to, which can lead to a chronic allergic condition. It can also cause the immune system to launch an attack against an organ or system within your pet's own body, creating an autoimmune disease. So those annual vaccinations, or even 3 yearly vaccinations have the potential to be repeatedly pushing your dogs immune system into a state of imbalance, hence allergies can develop or existing ones can be ‘trigger’ again. And don’t forget that there are many toxic chemicals found within the vaccination itself that contribute to a build up of toxicity in the body which has its own negative effects.


So what can we do about it. Well the first thing to do is to make sure we are NOT overvaccination our dogs. Definitely yearly vaccinations are not recommended and I even believe that 3 yearly schedules are too much. Instead, you can consider titre testing to get an idea of where your dogs immunity is and this blood test can be carried out through your vet. In addition, as I always say to all my clients, keeping your dog’s immune system STRONG and balanced is key to a long healthy life, so avoiding chemicals, feeding a raw organic diet, reducing stress and so on all contribute to keeping your dogs immune system healthy. I truly believe that vaccinations are one of the leading causes of allergies in our dogs and by reducing the frequency of vaccinating or even opting for titre testing instead can help bring down the number of dogs being diagnosed every day with allergies. And especially for those dogs that are already allergy prone, it is essential to avoid further vaccinations.

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