Anxious dog? Behavioural issues?- Watch this week's guest interview with jenny Golsby from Complete Canine Communication


We are seeing so many dogs in clinic that are suffering from all manner of anxiety issues and behaviouraly problems and while it is essential to make sure that the body is balanced internally through the correct diet, nutritional supplements, gentle detoxing and chemical free living, it is even more important that we have a good understanding of the language our dogs are sending us daily in an effort to communicate with us.
When we understand this, we can turn around many of these problems just by reading our dog's in the proper way.
In this week's guest interview blog post, I talk to Jenny Golsby from the Complete Pet Company nad Complete Canine Communication about her interesting and unique work with dogs that involves learning how to understand the canine language in a deeply respectful way.
In this video Jenny also shares her story of the problems she had with her Great Dane Simba and how this lead her into doing this amazing work.
For more information about Jenny's work and her workshops, click here

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