Canine Nutrition and Your Dog’s Health

In recent years, there has been a reassuring rise in the amount of people investing in canine nutrition products like fish oil for their dogs’ health, as well as other animal supplements. It goes without saying that your dog’s health is highly dependent on it receiving correct nutrition and a balanced diet.

While commercial foods are still a popular choice for many dog owners, many people are now starting to question the effects these processed foods may be having on their beloved pets.

We all know that if we fed our children a diet of fast food and processed snacks on a daily basis, it wouldn’t be long before their health begins to suffer. It therefore follows that feeding your dog a diet based purely on commercial foods can affect him or her in the same way.

Dogs are carnivores, and while they are not strict carnivores (they are also omnivores, meaning they can eat plant matter such as fruit and vegetables), a raw diet based around raw meaty bones, muscle meats, fish, offal and eggs (along with smaller amounts of vegetables and fruits) is an ideal diet and can help them to reach and maintain optimal health and vitality.

There is a great deal of information available today on the internet in regards the topic of raw diets/raw feeding methods and ‘biologically appropriate nutrition’ for dog health. However, sometimes all this information can seem a little overwhelming, which is why we always make the effort to explain everything in easy-to-understand terms.

If you are wanting to make the transition for your dog to a more natural or raw diet, we can assist you in this process. Whether it be for general improved health or for a more specific health condition, our Canine Naturopath can help put together a specific diet that is appropriate to your dog’s individual canine nutrition needs.

We will also furnish you with tips on how to make the transition, adding in possible animal supplements such as probiotics and omega-3 fish oils for your dogs, what to expect as they makes the change to a new diet, how much to feed them, the benefits of raw feeding, and so on.

There are of course some wonderful books on the topic that can help you if you wish to go it alone, but for those of you who like to have a little helping hand along the way, please feel free to contact us regarding a dietary consultation.

Raw feeding does not have to be complicated or time consuming – once you know a few basics and tips, it’s simple, reassuring and very rewarding!


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