DETOX - whole body herbal formula

DETOX, DETOX, DETOX!! Such a buzz word these days! I am sure that there are probably at least a few of you that have taken part in a ‘detox’ program over the years…or maybe you have just contemplated it! When I first started studying Naturopathy more than twenty five years ago, I became absolutely fascinated by the concept of detoxification. Many conventional doctors say that a detox program is not necessary as the body is self cleansing. However, while this is true, the body was never designed to cope with such an onslaught of chemicals that we find in our environment today. Therefore, periodic cleansing can assist the body to do its job of cleansing and rebalancing more effectively and I believe this is necessary for anyone regardless of current health. I know for myself that I have always reaped the rewards of completing any detox regime.
This is as much true for our dogs as it is for us, and in fact, probably more so given the size and metabolism of our furry friends.  Dogs are exposed to a great number of toxins coming from a wide variety of sources. Processed foods, chemicals in non organic animal products, tap water, household cleaning products, weed killers and other insecticides, chemical parasite preparations, vaccinations, drugs, smoke, car exhaust…….the list goes on!!
Overtime, these toxins can build up in your dog’s body and start to overwhelm the normal elimination channels. This can lead a range of health issues from small ‘niggly’ problems to more serious and life threatening diseases including cancers.
Take a look at your dog’s environment and see if you are doing all you can to reduce this toxic load. Consider:
*Feeding an organic raw diet
*Offer filtered water
*Swap chemical cleaning and other household chemical   products for natural alternatives
*reduce or avoid unnecessary vaccinations
*Use natural alternatives to flea/tick and worming treatment where possible
* Avoid unnecessary medications
*Support elimination channels in the body by doing periodic cleansing
In addition to improving your dog’s living environment, a detox program can really assist the body to shift out this build up of toxicity and in light of this I decided to put together a general herbal detoxification formula that could be taken by the majority of dogs without the need for strict supervision. Of course if your dog is going through a chronic or serious condition you are best to discuss this with both myself and your vet before commencing any natural regime. In this formula, I have used herbs that target the major elimination channels and have included some flower essences too as these can help shift out ‘emotional toxins’. Grapefruit essential oil has also been added in a MINUTE quantity to further assist the flushing of toxins. While many of you may be alarmed at the thought of giving your dog essential oils internally, they are an excellent and safe way to improve your dog’s internal health when used correctly and at appropriate doses. Of course, it is important to use only high therapeutic grade oils.

Some of the herbs in my HERBAL BODY DETOX formula include:

*DANDELION ROOT AND LEAF: A great herb for detoxification, the root is particularly effective for treating build up of toxins in the liver by helping to remove waste products and for aiding a sluggish or congested liver. The root has the ability to increase bile production in the liver and bile release from the gallbladder; this ensures fats and cholesterol are broken down and removed from the body more efficiently, which improves the digestive process.
Dandelion root is also a mild laxative which helps to soften stool, which takes pressure of the intestine’s muscles in moving stool out of the body.
Dandelion leaves act as a diuretic and increase the amount of urine produced by the body, supporting kidney function. Dandelion leaves are also used to stimulate the appetite and aid digestion.
*MARSHMALLOW ROOT has a high mucilaginous content  which helps to soothe an irritated digestive tract (basically it puts a soothing ‘coating’ on the digestive mucosa) and provides moisture to dry tissues which aids in the elimination of wastes.
*RED CLOVER  is considered to be a powerful alterative, meaning that it’s a remedy that restores good health. Well known for its ability to cleanse and purify the blood, red clover is known to help prevent and treat skin inflammations, dermatitis, rashes etc
*YELLOW DOCK ROOT has been thought to be a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver. Yellow dock supports detoxification by stimulating bile production, which helps digestion, particularly of fats. Yellow dock root can also stimulate a bowel movement to help remove lingering waste from the intestinal tract and it also increases the frequency of urination to assist in toxin elimination.
*LICORICE ROOT is an excellent detox herb which can help cleanse the body’s system while simultaneously strengthening the liver and kidneys. Licorice root is good for stimulating the digestive system and can also clear out phlegm from the throat and lungs as a result of its expectorant capabilities. It also supports overwhelmed and stressed adrenal glands which in turn, improves the immune response
*ALFALFA  is high in chlorophyll, vitamin C, B1, B2 K and other nutrients and it helps to detoxify the system. It can assist the detoxification process as well as digestive discomfort due to its high enzyme levels. It has been shown to help clean blood passageways.
This formula comes in a fluid extract with drops being added to food twice daily. As I mentioned above it is a general formula, assisting the major elimination channels to cleanse and rebalance. I will often prescribe this for a period of up to 8 weeks but for general purposes, I usually recommend giving it to your dog for a period of four weeks at a time. This can be repeated six monthly (or even more often) for best long term results. Each mixture has a two year use-by date so will last well when kept in a cool dark place.

This mixture can be easily given into food and is well tolerated by dogs. Usually I recommend giving for FOUR weeks twice yearly but it can be given more frequently if desired.

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