Skype/Phone and Online Consultations

We offer two types of consultations for dog owners who live too far from our service area, don’t have time for a face-to-face consultation, or would just like the convenience of doing it online and from home.

Short Phone Consultation: Cost AUD$55.00

This consultation is great if you are after advice for a minor or acute health condition, want to ask a general question regarding your dog’s health or are seeking dietary advice. This consultation is not suitable for any chronic health condition such as skin disorders, digestive issues, immune dysfunction, joint problems, etc. These conditions require our Full Naturopathic Consultation service, details of which are listed below.

Please note: As Canine Naturopaths, we do not offer diagnosis; please seek your veterinarian’s assistance for a correct diagnosis of serious health conditions.

Payment is required at the time of booking. Once we receive your payment, we will email your short consultation form to you. Please answer with as much detail as possible, and then email the completed form back to us, and we will email you a short report along with our recommendations for any naturopathic treatments that may assist your dog. Alternatively, if you wish to have a short phone consultation to address a minor issue, we can arrange that at a time to suit you. Payment can be made at the time of the consult by credit card or direct deposit. A landline number is preferred for us to be able to contact you at the time of your appointment. However, a mobile number is also suitable if you do not have a landline available.


Full Naturopathic ONLINE Consultation:  Cost AUD$100.00

If your dog is affected by a chronic health condition that has not responded to conventional treatment, or you are looking for a more natural, chemical-free approach to increase your dog’s overall health and vitality, booking our Full Naturopathic Consultation will give you and advice and recommendations from Lyndall, our qualified Canine Naturopath.

In our full consultation, the whole dog is taken into consideration, and all aspects of their health are taken into consideration, including current diet, lifestyle, medications, environmental toxic load, and emotional and other stressors.

Once we have received your completed form, Lyndall will assess your dog’s condition and give you advice along with a recommended naturopathic treatment plan including dietary suggestions. We can also supply you with the prescribed natural medicines and supplements at an additional cost, should you wish to proceed with these recommendations.

You will receive this in a typed report that will be emailed or posted to you (depending on your preference). Please allow 3 working days to receive this by email, and slightly longer by post.

Payment is required at the time of booking. Once we have received your payment, we will email you the full naturopathic assessment form. Please fill this in with as much detail as possible, and then email it back to us. If you prefer your typed report to be posted to you, please advise when emailing the form back.

If you would prefer to have a phone consultation, this can be arranged for the same cost. Please allow at least an hour for this consultation as it is necessary to take a full history of your dog’s health and existing health issues. This consultation will be followed up with an emailed report of treatment recommendations, diet etc. The cost for this consultation is also AUD$100.00 and payment is required on the day either by credit card or direct deposit.


Similarly to the online assessment form, a full Naturopathic phone consultation allows us to take into consideration the whole dog and their environment in regards to the current health condition.
In both our phone and online consultations we also request photos of your dog where possible especially where sin conditions are present as well as any blood or other veterinary tests that have been done.
Once we have taken a thorough history of your dogs condition and their over all health we can then put together the appropriate regime including dietary modifications. Any herbs or supplements can be posted to you at either regular of express Australia post rates at your own expense. 

Payment is required either prior or on the day or of your booking and credit card or bank transfer options are available.
As a general rule, we request a mobile contact number and we will call you at the allotted time frame that has been booked in.
Phone consultations are available from Mon- Sat during business hours. We do not do after hours consultations. Full email support is offered post the consultation.

Cost is AUD$100.00


Once you have had your initial consultation and received your report and treatment plan, we recommend a follow-up phone consultation around 4-6 weeks later, depending on your dog’s current health condition. A mobile is preferred for these follow up appointments but a landline is also suitable is you do not have a mobile number. Alternatively, if you have Skype, our naturopath can contact you this way.
Skype ID is [email protected]

Payment must be made at the time of the consultation either by credit card or direct deposit. Our naturopath will contact you at the allocated time to discuss your dog’s progress and give further recommendations etc.  Any products required can be ordered at this time and posted to you by regular post. This is at an additional cost.

Please contact our office on mobile 0417 710 882 or alternatively  fill out a contact form to make an appointment time. These are available between the hours of 9-5pm Mon-Fri, and 9-3pm Sat.


Payment options are credit card or direct deposit.



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Consultations by phone/skype are available Mon- Saturdays.



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