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After our Corgi, Cooper was diagnosed with Epilepsy and conventional medications tried (but failed), to stop his seizures, we were referred to Lyndall from Canine Vitality to try a naturopathic approach. We are extremely happy to report that her dietary/herbal plan has so far, stopped his seizures and allowed us to slowly reduce his prescription medications. Early days for all of us yet, but we are extremely happy to recommend Lyndall to all out there for her friendly and caring naturopathic approach to canine life. Thank you so much Lyndall!

Chris Chapman and Cooper, Boronia Heights

I was very fortunate to meet Lyndall at a time when I was having a huge problem with my 10 year old Groodle Jessie. We had suffered the sudden death of my husband Mike and as he and Jessie had been inseparable she became extremely anxious and refused to leave the house to go for walks and was generally very distressed. Lyndall was able to prescribe a combination of herbs and essences for her and within 2 weeks of starting her herbs she was able to start going for walks again and be much less anxious. Over 12 months have passed and Jessie is doing very well. She is much calmer and able to handle any stressful situations that may arise without having a meltdown.   I can highly recommend Lyndall and Canine Vitality to improve the health and wellbeing of your much loved dogs.

Robyn Ashton, Personalised Pet Collars, Westlake 

 Good Afternoon Lyndall,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous, prompt & selfless response to my recent enquiries regarding my gorgeous 9.5yr old Golden Girl, Hana, and her nightly vegetables. Your advice was very helpful in guiding my choices of what herbs and seedlings to next plant in the summer garden that will make her food proactive in managing her under active thyroid and make her dinner menu even more grrrrowlicious.

 Although the Sunshine Coast is a long trip to Canine Vitality HQ, your Facebook site and your email access makes for informative community education.

Thank you for caring

Susan & Miss Hana

Henry and Gracie are my two golden retrievers.  Henry, a nine year old, presented with chronic diarrhoea 10 months ago and despite taking him to the local vet repeatedly and receiving ongoing antibiotic treatment, his improvements were minimal and his poo remained soft.  So, seeking an alternative, I contacted Lyndall Pinchen from Canine Vitality.  The treatment program that Lyndall prescribed for Henry saw his bowel movements return to better than they were before he had diarrhoea - small, hard and no smell - within a week!  I could not believe the incredible improvement in Henry's condition which along with a raw, natural diet made him appear years younger than his biological age. 

Gracie my 2 year old golden retriever had non-symptomatic Giardia and her coat appeared listless and dry.  Once again after seeking Lyndall's help Gracie has developed a beautiful shiny coat, is much more energetic and is thriving on a raw natural diet.  I cannot thank Lyndall enough for all that she has done for my two fur babies!

Alicia, Tasmania


It is difficult to express how deeply grateful we are for the stunning results of Lyndall’s natural therapies. As a Foster Carer for Golden Ark Rescue, the founder (Samara Hill) put me in touch with Lyndall when she knew our 2.5 year old Goldie was suffering from allergies. He was already on a raw food diet, but nothing we tried seemed to alleviate the symptoms – inflamed skin, lots of scratching, dry, dull coat.

We were very distressed that we could not seem to find the solution. Lyndall has treated many Goldies from Golden Ark Rescue with wonderful results, so we were excited to think help was at hand. Oakey was quite depressed as a result of his skin issues and was very reserved when first meeting Lyndall.

I am happy to report after about 6 mths of treatment we have a very happy, healthy, energetic Goldie, who simply cannot wait to plant kisses on Lyndall when she visits. It is obvious that Lyndall has a deep love of animals and is passionate about helping them.

Our Sincere Thanks

Jan, Rob, Oakey and the Goldie Gang, Upper Caboolture

Late during 2011 our Golden Retriever Amber sustained an injury to her left hip/leg.  We had taken her to our vet who had suggested that she may need to have an operation.  Amber at this time was carrying too much weight.  After a visit to our kennel while we were on holiday, the kennel owners recommended Canine Vitality who had been a help to their own dog.  We contacted Lyndall who came and examined Amber.  Lyndall recommended changes to Amber's diet and prepared some herbal formula's that she believed would assist Amber in reducing her weight and help repair and strengthen the damaged region.  The results have been significant.  Amber has dropped approximately 6 kg, lost her limp and regained the spring in her step.  We sincerely recommend Canine Vitality.

M and L Simpson, Kuraby


We are the permanent foster carers for ‘Maggie’ from Golden Ark Rescue Australia Inc. Maggie is a 12 year old rescue golden retriever who came into GARA’s hands. She was unable to be adopted out because of her health issues. She had really bad ears and joint problems with eye problems too. Sam from GARA suggested the Maggie meet Lyndall from Canine Vitality to help her with the all natural food/diet and herbs/medications to help make her well.

Well after many months and a strict diet and herbs, Maggie has a new lease on life. Finally I see a Goldie that no longer scratches and has a smile on her face and is totally relaxed.

Thank you Lyndall for your excellent job. I know now that naturopathic does work on dogs. I can highly recommend Lyndall from Cannie Vitality

S Duncan, Redbank Plains


Our Hamish, (a purebred Bullmastiff) had his 5th birthday in May 2012 and it seemed coincidental that not long after, he became quite flat, his coat was dull, his breath was awful and he didn't seem his normal sparkly self. Mid -life crisis perhaps? I didn't know what was wrong with him but I knew who to call for help!

We were familiar with natural healing for dogs and put a call into Lyndall from Canine Vitality to make an appointment to come & see Hamish. She sat on the couch & Hamish sat up next to her, checking her out, looking deep into her soul and giving her the 'lick of approval'. I'm not sure who was more pleased to meet each other, Lyndall or Hamish LOL

Lyndall asked about Hamish's diet and explained commercial dry food and how it affects a dog’s health and how we can heal dogs from the inside out using herbs and cleansers and that Hamish needed a bowel cleanser and eventually blood cleansers.

I was amazed with the change in Hamish's condition, almost overnight he seemed to have improved, (which I might add, is not the same for every dog).

He had treatment and herbs and checkups over the next 6 weeks and Hamish hasn't looked back! New diet = New dog!

I work as a dog groomer and I am always telling my customers about Canine Vitality!”


Robyn Armstrong, Tiara Rebel Bullmastiffs and owner of ‘Kleaning K9s’, Logan Village


Our lives and our 9 year old Cavoodle Arkie's life has taken a huge turn for the better recently after being introduced to Lyndall from Canine Vitality by our groomer. Arkies life has been marred by chronic ear infections which have lead to surgery, bad diet and  yeast infections on his skin so bad he had chewed all four legs nearly bald of fur and and to the point of bleeding. After seeing Lyndall and taking all her advice on board in only a month the turn around in Arkie was incredible, he has grown 90% of his fur back on his legs, he has all but stopped chewing, his skin is looking fantastic, he is puppy playing again and he is just a happy calmer doggy now.  If all this can be achieved in a short month then I cant wait to see what the future holds for Arkie.

I can't thank Lyndall and Canine Vitality enough, I just wish I had met you sooner. I have to say a huge thank you as well to Wendy from Rad Pet Services. Without

Wendy's glowing recommendation to see Canine Vitality and seeing what bad shape Arkie was in none of this could have been possible. Simply life changing, thank you.

Jason Lewis Springfield, Qld


We cannot thank Lyndall enough for assisting us with both of our precious senior boxers over the past twelve months. 

Not only has she relieved both of their ailments which our vet could not assist with, they both happier, healthier and seem to have a new lease on life! We would gladly recommend Lyndall to anyone who is interested in improving their dog's quality of life.

Christine Read, Victoria


My dog Buddy was so sick and suffering from demodex mange with a weak immune system, no appetite or energy and having lost most of his hair. I was referred to Lyndall from Canine Vitality. Lyndall immediately started Buddy on a regime of herbal mixtures, advising on diet and eliminating the toxicity from his system. I have watched him transform before my eyes ..in almost 3 months his appetite, and zest for life have returned, his coat has fully grown back thick and glossy and he is full of energy again. I am so thankful that we found Lyndall just in time and can't speak highly enough of her service and support.

Claire Sakic,  NSW



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