Today more than ever, we are seeing many chronic health conditions developing in our pets that do not respond to conventional treatment methods, and in a lot of these cases, the treatments themselves are causing their own side effects. Health problems such as chronic skin and allergy problems, joint issues, digestive and immune imbalances, chronic infections including Candida yeast infections, diabetes, obesity, dental problems, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, autoimmune diseases and cancers…. the list goes on….are on the rise and some are in epidemic proportions.

Much of this has to do with lifestyle factors including poor or inappropriate diet, chemical overload (from excess vaccination, chemical flea/worming treatments, medications, preservatives and other chemicals in foods and so on), lack of exercise and mental stimulation, living mainly indoors, stress and anxiety, environmental toxins and other such stressors. What is happening in our dogs really just mimics our own lifestyles in many ways -  we too are being affected by the many of the same factors.

We all want the best for our dogs and with this in mind, many owners are looking for more natural and chemical free options to help their best friend overcome health issues. Using naturopathic treatments is a safe but effective way of treating a wide variety of chronic health conditions and imbalances in the body, whether that be human or animal. Naturopathy/natural therapies are part of an  holistic healing system that is designed to treat the causes of illness rather than just the symptoms. Symptomatic treatments offer short term relief from the problem but do not address underlying causes, and unless these are identified and treated, it is unlikely that the condition will resolve.

As a Canine Naturopath, I focus on raw feeding methods, herbal medicine, flower essences and nutritional supplements as part of an holistic approach to your dog’s health.’ Holistic’ means taking into account the WHOLE DOG and this includes both physical and mental/emotional factors. Nutrition is an essential starting point when formulating treatment plans, but detoxification, rebalancing and rebuilding body systems, along with reducing or eliminating stressors, is also a key part in this treatment.

The beauty of treating dogs is that they respond much more rapidly than us as humans, and even just making positive dietary changes can improve the health of your dog and extend their life by months or years.


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